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Schmetz Microtex Sharp Sewing Machine Needles, Size 12/80

The Schmetz Microtex Sharp Machine Needle has a very fine pointed edge, which makes it perfect for sewing projects featuring very fine to medium fabrics. Great for piercing and general sewing, each sharp machine needle in this pack is specially designed for straight stitches, topstitching and edgestitching. It works well with polyester, micro fibers, artificial leather, foil, silk and coated materials like laminates.

SCHMETZ makes a variety of needles created especially to do particular sewing jobs very well. As a sewing professional, they are the only brand I use. If you are looking for ways to instantly improve your sewing, matching your needle and thread to the project is a surefire way to start.

As a general rule, your needle size should be based on the type and weight of thread that is being used as well as the fabric that is being sewn. The goal is to have the needle slide easily through the fabric without damaging the fibers or creating too large of a hole, and to carry the thread smoothly without damaging it when sewing. The eye of the needle should be about 40% larger than the diameter of the thread. When going to a larger size thread, a larger needle should be used.

80/12, the size of these needles, are designed to be used with medium weight fabrics and are ideal for piecing and general sewing. Sewing machine needles are not indestructible ... they will not last forever. The points get dull from repeated use and the shaft may get bent from hitting pins in the fabric. A general rule of thumb is to replace the needle after eight (8) hours of use and at the beginning of each project.

Each time you buy thread or fabric you should be asking yourself what kind of needle will work best with the project you have in mind.

Product Description
Includes one package with five needles, size 12/80 and a 37-page Pocket Guide to Home Sewing Needles. All other photos are for demonstrations purposes only.
Brand: Schmetz
Country of Origin: Made in India
Needle System: 130/705H