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Sashiko Thread, Black Sashiko Thread, Japanese Cotton Thread for Sashiko Stitching

Olympus's Sashiko Thread is the perfect cotton thread for traditional Sashiko embroidery. With a smooth, matte finish and clean, bright colors, it's just right for Sashiko's simple, no-fuss design! Unlike standard 6-strand embroidery floss, Sashiko thread is a single, non-divisible strand. It has a thickness similar to size 5 perle cotton but does not have the sheen commonly found other embroidery threads. When washed, the fibers swell and, over time, tighten as they become immeshed into the fabric. This is an advantage for mending and household textiles as they gain strength from the thread. Like with any type of thread, there is so much more than choosing the color. To help you to gain a better understanding of some of the types and weights of Sashkio thread available, I've used a few of the threads to stitch across a piece of cloth. This listing for Olympus Sashiko Thread is the thread used on the top line of stitching. You can see that it is quite a bit thicker than both Daruma and Yakota threads. For scale, the last two lines are Perle Cotton 5 and a full strand of DMC Embroidery Floss. The choice is really one of preference. Olympus is a thicker thread and it has a bit of tooth to it so that when washed over time, it settles into the fabric and becomes immeshed. This is a traditional sashiko thread. The Daruma and Yakota threads have a smoother finish and are substantially thinner threads. I think they would be great for a lightweight fabric or even a sampler where you really want definition. Both types of thread have a place in your embroidery box. You will receive one skein of thread for each ordered. Product Details Manufacturer: Olympus Color: Black #20 Content: 100% Cotton Length: 22 yards (20 meters) Pictures of other thread colors, needles and kits are available in separate listings. These photos are for demonstration purposes and not included in the listing. For more Sashiko thread colors: For Sashiko Samplers and other hand sewing kits and gifts: For other tools and notions: