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Roxanne Basting Needles

Using a sharp, long needle makes hand basting quilts and garments quick (er!) work. For thread tracing seams, making tailor's tacks and other hand basting, these are my favorite needles. They have a large eye which makes them easy enough to thread, even when using basting cotton. At about 2.25" in length, with a very sharp tip, they stitch through several layers of cloth with very little resistance. This is due to the way that they are shaped and polished. Sometimes when I have used smaller needles to baste, I tend to get a lot of hand fatigue and loose my grip a bit. Not with these! I think that the length of the needle plus the really sharp tip, helps to reduce hand fatigue.

Long, sharp, easy to thread, what's not to love about that? I don't really like to recommend products that I consider expensive, especially when there are other ones available that will do the job. But I can say with complete confidence, that if you are looking to improve your hand sewing by hand basting garments and or quilts, you need these needles.

From the manufacturer: "COLONIAL NEEDLE-Roxanne Basting Hand Needles. Roxanne needles are handmade in England to precise specifications. Each needle is painstakingly shaped to a gentle taper, highly polished and then carefully nickel plated to give a discerning hand quilter ultimate control over each quilting stitch. This package contains ten needles in a seashell topped mini vial." Roxanne needles are beautifully packaged in a reusable glass vile with a small shell adorned lid.

10 needles per tube
Brand: Colonial Needle/ Roxanne
Item number: RX-14507
Country of Origin: Made in England
Materials: Nickel Plated Steel