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One inch Metal D-Rings

Metal D-rings are extremely versatile pieces of hardware with remarkably broad applications. They are frequently used on everything from clothing and pet collars, to handbags and backpacks. D-Rings are "D" shaped pieces of hardware that are particularly useful as attachment points for straps and handles. In bag construction, they are essential for splitting a strap, making it adjustable or even removable. Like other types of hardware, D-Rings lend a really finished look to your project by adding visual interest as well as function. D-rings come in different widths and wire gauges to suit a variety of needs.

This listing is for a set of 4, one inch wide D-Rings.


The size noted on the package of rings refers to the inside width. For instance, in this listing, the D Ring is one inch wide. The ring is measured along the flat side from one edge to the other. As you can tell from these rings as compared to the ruler, the D-shaped rings are a bit wider than an inch. The straight part of the 'D' starts to bend at 1", but the ring could accommodate a slightly wider handle. Your D ring should be the same width as the strap or fabric that you are using. If the size you need is not available, you can choose a D ring that is slightly wider than your strap-Just slightly though, as too wide of a handle could cause the fabric to bunch around the ring.

The end result of a project starts at the beginning. Every choice of fabric and finish you make is an opportunity to personalize your clothing and accessories.


Adjustable Belts (Pair with Webbing, Ribbon, Decorative Elastic or even create one out of silk.) Backpack straps Bag Straps and handles Baby slings Pocket Flap Closures- consider it as a visual upgrade from a snap. Overalls Key Fob or Leash Lanyards


I've made hundreds of bags over the years. In fact, I wrote a book on sewing bags: Sew Bags, The Practical Guide to Making Purses, Totes, Clutches & More  

Straps are the backbone of a handbag. They are often the first element I think about when I begin to design a bag. As strap styles vary greatly, your design decisions will influence how and where the straps attach to the bag. Often a bag pattern will require a ring or metal connector of some sort. If not, they are easy upgrade to add to your next design. D-Rings are a basic hardware that serve as a bridge to connect a strap to a tab that is inserted into the bag body. Since straps are generally added toward the end of the bag construction process, you can play with the straps or handles before stitching them to be sure that you are pleased with the look, fit and function. It is helpful to note that a ring or connector will add to the overall handle length.

Tip: For a cohesive look, you will want to use coordinating hardware throughout your creation.

Manufacturer: Dritz
Content: Nickel Plated Steel
Finish: Nickel
Count: 4 per package
Measurements: Outside Dimensions: 1 1/8" wide, 1.24" tall | Inside Dimensions: 1"wide, .87" tall | Wire Thickness: 3.18 mm Not welded