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Miyako Leather Bag Handle

Use the Miyako handle to create your own no-sew bag with a one square yard of fabric. Drawing on the concept of furoshiki, the Japanese art of cloth-wrapping, this innovative Miyako Bag Handle allows you to create original bag designs. With a few folding and knotting steps, you can create bags for all occasions and in just a few minutes time.

The techniques are vast, but even the simplest one is enough of an accomplishment to make you want to learn a few more. These handles are perfect for scarves as well as those pieces of fabric that you just aren't ready to cut into yet. What I think is fun about this, is that I can immediately "try out" a new bag with a few clever folding tricks and knots. As for fabric, consider the look that you want. If you don't want a "wrong side" of the fabric to show, try using a yarn-dyed fabric (yarn-dyed = reversible!) or simply sew two large squares of fabric together to create a reversible bag design. (A little more on this toward the bottom of the listing.)

The handle comes with easy to follow assembly instructions or you can purchase the Miyako Handle Instruction Booklet (sold separately) for full instructions on how to create three different bag styles. To learn how to make a bag, like the one in the listing photo, you can watch this video on YouTube.

 *Photo shown of finished projects and pattern are examples only, this listing is for the bag handle only.

Manufacturer: Miyako Design
Measurements: 19.5 in (50 cm) long x 1.50 in (4 cm ) wide
Content: Genuine Leather
Country of Origin: Made in France

1. Cut two squares of fabric 36"x36"
2. Place the fabric with the right sides facing together and pin around the perimeter leaving a space of about 4" in the center of one of the sides.
3. Stitch around the perimeter using a 1/2" seam allowance.
4. Slide your hand into the turning space and pull the fabric to the right side.
5. Give the fabric a tug to align the corners.
6. Press.
7. Stitch the turning area closed either by hand or machine.

Follow the instructions for tying your new bag!

Step by Step tutorial is on my website: Little Stitch Studio,