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Leather Sashiko Thimble

This traditional sashiko thimble is crafted of leather and features a debossed, or dimpled pad which helps to keep the needle in place and adds stability as it is pushed through the many layers of fabric. Worn on the middle finger, and positioned toward the inside of the hand, to cover the skin at the base of the middle finger. (See pictures in the listing for reference.) This thimble, while very simple in design, is a fully task specific tool.

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese embroidery technique that is enjoying a grand resurgance. Translating roughly into 'little stabs', sashiko was winter work for women from farming or fishing families, who used the technique to extend the life of worn fabrics. It was used initially out of necessity but later for embellishment and personalization. Sashkio uses a basic running stitch, where you load the needle with a few inches of fabric and then push it through. This is relatively a simple task on a light to mid-weight woven fabric or a sampler, but when used to mend jeans or other heavier textiles, its pretty tough on your hands. A Sashiko thimble will make this work much easier on your hands while keeping your stitching precise.

As a sewing educator and fabric shop owner, one of my main goals is to help you learn to create things that you will want to use forever. This philopohsy extends to mending items that you already own too. Patch up that hole in the knee of your jeans yourself, knowing that it symbolizes the use and wear you've got out of them. Learn to love that little stain on the hem of your jacket, earned while enjoying coffee with a friend. Weave the frayed cuff of your favorite sweater, knowing they formed while that garment kept you warm on cold days. The list goes on, but the beautifully simple concept of mending will always be the same.

This listing is for a Sashiko Thimble. All other photos are for demonstration purposes.

Product Details

Country of Origin: Japan

Materials: Leather