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Kid Cave Pillows Patchwork Quilting Sewing Pattern by Quilt Cadets

The Kid Cave Pillows pattern by Quilt Cadets helps you to make your Kid Cave (Bedroom) uniquely yours with pillows, pillows and more pillows! The pattern includes instructions for Pillowcases, Throw Pillows and Pillow Shams. This pattern includes thought bubble, applique templates to add that special touch. The pattern includes a 20 page fully illustrated booklet. Prize in each pattern. (Confident Beginner)

About Quilt Cadets 

Quilt Cadets is a line that will teach the kids in your life to quilt through various sewing projects. These projects range from bags to softies and of course ultimately quilts! The patterns are written in a simple yet clear manner so that kids ages 8 - 12 can easily work from the pattern with minimal help. The patterns include plenty of illustrations for the visual learner. Badges are earned for skills learned. The companion website, is designed for the grownups that care for the Quilt Cadets. It will have support with tips and tricks for getting your kids sewing as well as the shop to provide everything they need to keep them sewing!