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Hera Fabric Marker

There are number of methods for transferring pattern markings to fabric. The method selected depends on a variety of factors, namely the type and weight of the fabric, your skill, and the construction situation. No one method is suitable for all fabrics and it is not at all uncommon to use more than one transfer method in a single project. Of course, some marking tools can damage delicate fabrics while others may encourage layers of fabric to shift so you will not have the same markings on all layers. As you gain experience sewing, you will discover which methods yield the results you desire.

Among the many marking tools available: tracing papers, tracing wheels, tailors chalk, chalk pencils, chalk wheels and tailors tacks, there is the Hera Marker. The Hera Marker is a small, hand tool with a sharp curved edge used to make crease "marks" in fabric. The name is a bit deceptive as it is not actually a marker- there is no ink. Which means, no permanent marks on your fabric and no worries about your marker drying out. The Hera Marker is handy for quilting, garment sewing and bag making. It is my favorite marking tool to use when working with leather. I use it to score and mark the back of the hide before cutting. The line does not go through the skin and is easily rubbed out. This method makes creating straps and tabs easy work. Like with most pressure based marking tools, use with a self-healing mat to protect the table or cutting surface.

Tip: Before any type of marking, always test on a swatch of fabric first so that you can be certain that it won't distort your fabric.


Manufacturer: Clover
Size : 7.5" x 1.75"
Handle: Urea Resin
Made in Japan