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Gutermann Jeans Thread #4888 Indigo, 220 Yards

There is certainly more to thread than choosing a color to match your project. You can choose between a variety of threads and needles depending on the project you are making. There are lots of different types of threads- that includes different thicknesses and purposes those threads can serve. Generally, you want the thread to be a little bit weaker than the fabric you are sewing with as it is easier to repair a torn seam than it is to repair a torn fabric. For general sewing I like mercerized cotton. Mercerization is a process that makes the thread nice and shiny and resistant to shrinking. If I need something a little bit stronger, for example when sewing knits, or quilting weight woven fabrics, and need the fabric to be able to stretch a bit without breaking thread, I will go with all-purpose poly/cotton blend.

Gutermann is my thread of choice for nearly any project! Gutermann thread is suitable for both machine and hand sewing. It is super strong and durable, colorfast and has a lustrous sheen. Additionally, due to the long staple fibers, Gutermann thread is virtually lint free- which will make your sewing machine very happy!

Recommended Sewing Machine Needle Size: 90/14, 100-120. This Jeans Thread, made from polyester and cotton, is made specifically for hand or machine sewing denim and jean fabrics. Gutermann Jeans Thread can be used to perform overlock and safety seams as well as fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams.

This listing is for one spool of thread. Each spool is 220 yards (200 meters) of 70/30 Poly/cotton blend thread.

Tip: This thread is used by Wrangler to sew their denim.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Gutermann
Content: 70% Polyester/ 30% Cotton
Country of origin: Germany
Weight: 50 weight
Length: 220 yards, 200 Meters
Color: #4888 Indigo

Want to coordinate thread to a specific fabric or fabrics?  I’m happy to help. In the message section, please add the name of the fabric or a description of the fabric in which to coordinate the weight and color of thread.