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Dritz EZY Hem Gauge

Want to know my trick for pressing perfect garment hems and turned edges? Mind the grain of the fabric and employ the use of a pressing aid such as this EZY-Hem Gauge by Dritz.

This EZY-Hem gauge is a really useful multi-purpose tool with so many applications. It allows you to get even and crisp hem finishes right at your ironing board. It works well with knit and woven fabrics alike. The gauge features both straight and curved edges to quickly measure hems, pockets, pattern alterations, and waistbands. Both sides of the gauge are clearly marked with imperial and metric measurements. Designed to be used with a steam iron, to get an even pressed edge without leaving a mark on the right side of the fabric.

Developed in 1959 by Edna Bryte Bishop of The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction. (If you aren't familiar with her books and work, I highly recommend checking them out. Used copies of her books are easy enough to find and well worth the search.) It is made of aluminum, which is a great thermal conductor. Since aluminum radiates at such a high speed then quickly cools off, it makes for a pretty handy pressing aid.

Like many sewing teachers, I emphasize good pressing skills almost as much as the actual sewing skills in my classes. You just can't get good results with your sewing if you don't press carefully as you sew. This gauge is one of those little staples that you might wonder how you got along without it! (I still have mine from the late 80's!)

TIPS FOR USING THE EZY-HEM GAUGE - It's generally a good idea to test a fabric sample before adding any type of heat or moisture. - A pressing cloth will protect your fabric and help to keep the surface of your iron clean. - When pressing a hem, you will want to begin by lightly pressing the iron at the fold and working your way up through the depth of the hem. This will help to keep the fabric grain in tack and to eliminate ridge marks on the right side of the fabric. CAUTION: Ezy-Hem may be hot while pressing. Watch your fingers! (Some people find using a ruler grip helpful to protect their fingers.)

HOW TO USE THE EZY-HEM GAUGE STRAIGHT HEMS: (For straight hem measurements between 1/4"- 4") Turn up fabric along hem line, insert Ezy-Hem Gauge and press. Move gauge along hem line and continue pressing.

CURVED HEMS: (For curved hem measurements between 1/4"-2.5") To ease hems, stitch 1/4 inch from raw edge, using a basting stitch. Turn up fabric along hem line, insert Ezy-Hem Gauge. Using a pin, pull up stitches every few inches until hem lies flat; press.

You need this tool- I promise!

Manufacturer: Pyrm Dritz
Model Number: 3150
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.75 x 0.19 inches
Material: Aluminum