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DIY Craft Kit for Kids

SHRINKY DINKS EASTER EGG CHARM NECKLACE KIT These thin sheets of plastic paper are perfect for making your own collection of Shrink Charm Pisanka Necklaces! Trace and color right onto the sanded surface of the paper using permanent pen or colored pencils, cut out your shape and stick it in the oven. Two minutes later you'll have a solid, durable, and tiny (the paper shrinks about 50%) hand-made charm! Use the knotting cord to turn your one-of-a-kind charm into a one-of-a-kind necklace. PRODUCT DETAILS This little Kit includes enough materials to make 4 necklaces and lots of charms... Four 5.5 x 4.25-inch sheets of sanded Shrink Plastic (what Shrinky-Dinks are made out of!) 3-yard piece of knotting cord Four 8mm wood beads A print out of our Shrink Charm Pisanka Necklace pattern. (You will need to supply your own colored pencils ) Permanent maker Made in United States of America by Fair Play Projects RELATED PRODUCTS To see more Kits and Gifts, click here: