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Curved Awl

This awl has a curved point that is designed for shaping seams along a curve, feeding fabric smoothly through the sewing machine and safely untying threads. Looking much like a very thin crochet hook with a ergonomic handle, and a gently angled but sharper tip, this awl has so many other uses too. The curve is helpful when used as a stiletto to apply trim such as braid or ric rac, as well as subbing for a seam ripper to safely pull threads from delicate fabric without fear of breaking them or snagging the fabric. It is terrific for pulling basting threads and for those small embroidery mistakes- just a few pulls and I can re-thread the needle and pick up where I left off. Additionally, since the curve essentially makes the end blunt, it is an ideal tool for those situations where you may need to apply direct vertical pressure without fear of piercing the fabric or yourself!

There are many, many sewing tools available that will make quick work of most of your sewing projects. The success of a project sometimes hinges on using the right tool. Two seemingly similar ones can have subtle differences that have been engineered so each gives a specific result.

I've added a few photos to compare the size and utility of this awl to that of both a seam ripper and a straight awl. I hope that this will help you to better understand what is available and select the right tools for your purpose.

This listing if for the curved awl only. The straight awl, seam ripper and transparent ruler are available in my shop.

Curved awl with protective sheath
Manufacturer: Clover
Style: #4880
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
Total Length: 4.5" long with a 2" steel tip