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Clover Gold Eye Sashiko Needles

Ready to try Sashiko or just need a new pack of needles? This variety pack of both long and short needles is for you. Hands down, Clover makes my favorite hand sewing needles. They glide through fabric easily, have a very sharp point and are difficult to break.

Sashiko needles typically have small eyes and can be a bit challenging to thread, these particular "gold eye" needles make threading a bit easier as well as allows the thread to smoothly glide through for easy sewing. Sashiko needles feature sharp tips and long shafts, allowing for a smooth insertion and extra hold of more fabric.

This listing is for the package of needles. All other photos are for demonstration purposes.

Clover Sashiko Needles 8 needles per card- 2 in each size.
Needle length range: 1 3/8" -2" Sizes include: 2 each (0.84 x 50.8mm) 2 each (0.99 x 44.5mm) 2 each (0.91 x 42.9mm) 2 each (0.89 x 34.9mm)
Brand: Clover
Item number: 134
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
Materials: Nickel Plated Steel with Gold eye plating