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Clover Double Needle threader

If needle-threading is becoming a challenge, I've got you covered! You can look forward to threading needles again with ease using this Double Needle Threader by Clover.
This tool has fine gauge steel needle threaders at each end. The smaller sized threader works best with smaller needles whereas the opposite side ensures easy threading for thicker threads. This needle threader works with any type of thread and needle. From fine weight thread to embroidery floss you can thread your hand and machine sewing needles with ease. Simply insert the threader into the needle, slip the thread in the threader, and voila! Your needle is threaded.

For context,  I am using a size 10 hand sewing needle with 30 wt silk thread to demonstrate how well this threader works.

Tip: To prevent damage, use very light pressure when threading needles.

Brand: Clover 
Item number: 462/NV 
Country of Origin: Made in Japan 
Materials: Stainless Steel, ABS Resin