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Clover Chacopy Tracing Paper

Sewing pattern markings and symbols function much like a road map to completing a garment. The pattern instructions will refer to these marks frequently, providing a vital link between the instructions you read and what you see in front of you when sewing.

There are number of methods for transferring pattern markings to fabric. A tracing wheel and dressmakers carbon paper are among the most efficient and accurate ways to do this. There are several brands of dressmakers carbon paper available. I've tried most of them but tend to go back to this one. First of all, I like the size. !2"x 10" isn't huge, but it is generally large enough to make the necessary transfers. Additionally, I have had good success with it washing out of fabric. This tracing paper has a smooth, chalky finish and comes in a pack of assorted colors to meet most fabric tracing needs. Each packet contains 5 sheets in each of the following colors: white, blue, red, green and yellow. Used with a tracing wheel, the chalk leaves a nice line- not too dark, but enough to see. (Picture number 3 in the listing shows the lines on plain muslin. Even the white is visible enough to follow.


Before removing your paper pattern from your cut fabric, you will want to transfer all construction marks. Transferring all of the construction marks from your pattern will help you sew your garment more accurately. To transfer a pattern marking with a tracing wheel and dressmakers carbon paper, first select the lightest carbon color that will show up on your fabric. (Carbon can leave a permanent mark on some fabrics!) Place the carbon paper carbon side up. Place the fabric's wrong side on top of it, and the pattern on top of the fabric. Use the tracing wheel to follow and transfer the pattern markings, pressing just enough so that the carbon leaves a faint line on the fabric. To help transfer small marks like darts and button or snap placements, I cut my paper into strips. This way it is much easier to manipulate and slide between fabric layers to mark the top and bottom fabrics at once. (See last photo in listing). Before any type of marking, always test on a swatch of fabric first so that you can be certain that it won't distort your fabric.

This listing is for the tracing paper only.