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Clover Chacopel Fabric Marking Pencil Set

I love this set of Clover pencils- there's every color you need (white, pink, blue and yellow), plus a sharpener, so you can easily make a nice, crips, clear mark. This set of marking tools can be used to draw off patterns or mark stitching lines on fabric before cutting. The three-pencil set includes a yellow, white, and double-ended pink/ blue pencil to give you options for both light and dark fabrics.

Chacopel Fabric Marking Pencils are made out of clay and wax, and provide thin, precise lines. They are great for transferring lines on stencils, fabric and patterns. Two of the pencils have a sturdy brush end to erase markings, which can also be removed with a neutral laundry detergent.

Note: Markings need to be removed prior to ironing or they may stain fabric. It is always helpful to test all marking tools on a scrap of fabric to make sure the marks can be fully removed from your project.