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Bamboo Point Turner and Presser

Want to know my trick for turning perfect corners and collar points? Keep the grain of the fabric stable and employ the use of a pressing aid such as this bamboo point turner.

A Point Turner is a tool that does pretty much what its name describes. It has two ends, one pointed and the other rounded. The pointed end is helpful for turning and shaping points and corners in pillows, flaps and collars. The round end comes in handy for hand pressing seams open or to "mark" creases in fabric. Since it is made of bamboo, which is a highly sustainable and naturally renewable resource, you can feel good about its environmental impact and know that it will last forever. Put this in your sewing tool investment basket- it is one of those little staples that you might wonder how you got along without it!

How to use the Bamboo Point Turner

After you have stitched a corner of whatever project you are sewing, turn the corner to the inside and gently pull the fabric to shape. Once you are happy with the shape, press with an iron. This is when the Bamboo Point Turner comes in handy. I like to use the straight side of it when pressing to really get a good press. Sometimes the fabric needs a bit of encouragement to form a sharp point. I find that using a hand sewing needle threaded with a knot at the end really helpful to square the end of a point. To do this, I insert the needle inside, between the layers of fabric, and right through the center of the point. Then I gently tug on the thread until the knot pops out, pulling the fabric to a perfect point. (Picture in listing to demonstrate this technique.) I've written a blog post for the BERNINA blog, Weallsew with more a more detailed explanation of how to improve your collar points (Hint: it includes this handy tool!)

You need this tool- I promise!

Manufacturer: Pyrm Dritz
Model Number: 3150
5.13 x 0.75 x 0.19 inches