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6" x 1", 8ths Graph Ruler

Precision sewing is achieved through a series of steps made with the right tools, none of which are more important than measuring tools. While all measuring tools have a unique purpose, there are a few that I find are absolutely indispensable. Among my most used tools for sewing, fitting and pattern making, this little ruler has to be at the top. I began using it in design school when we needed to manipulate our paper patterns and muslins. This ruler made the work much easier and more precise. Since the plastic is clear, an adjustment by eighths or even sixteenths of an inch became easy work. This ruler (one inch by six inches) is small but easily takes the place of a seam gauge and button hole guide. I use it for a variety of reasons like hemming, measuring seam allowances, measuring buttonhole size, stop and start points for sewing, making bias binding, and even measuring pleats. But the real advantage is the clear plastic, which allows you to see through the ruler so it's easy to trace a dart, add a stitching line or a seam allowance. Additionally, it's quite flexible. So much so that I can bend it to duplicate a curve when drafting or drawing a seam line. Some of the other small rulers that I have are much too rigid for that kind of work. Not this one!

PRODUCT DETAILS - Graphed clear plastic ruler with beveled edge for inking in 1/16" increments - Calibrated in 16th to the inch - Zero centering scale so you can easily measure left and right from a centered starting point.

Manufacturer: Acme United/ Westscott*
Dimensions: 1" x 6" Style: W-10
Country of Origin: Made in China

*C-Thru Ruler Company (Acme United acquired C-Thru Ruler Co in 2012. Its products were integrated into Westscott.)