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14mm Magnetic Snaps, 3 Pack Set

I love the simplicity of a magnetic snap. The finish is clean and neat and they are a no-fuss solution to a great variety of projects; bags, pockets, cardigans, jackets, and even duvet covers. They happen to be really easy to install too. I've included a few tips to get you started.

Listing is for a 3-pack of magnetic snaps

How to Insert a Magnetic Snap
A complete magnetic snap has four parts: the flat ball side with prongs, the thick socket side with prongs, and two flat rings, like washers, with openings that fit over the prongs.

Most patterns will include directions for when and where to place a magnetic snap. So if you are working on a project, follow the pattern and measure precisely. The following steps are really just a helpful guide to help you get an idea of the process.

1. Take the washer and align to the marked placement on the project.
2. Using a pencil, draw a small line or mark in each of the rectangles.
3. Remove the washer and carefully cut slits along the markings.
4. From the right side of the fabric, push prongs through the slits.
5. Slide the washer over the prongs.
6. Fold the prongs flat by pushing outward.

For the second part of the snap, measure very carefully and repeat these steps.

Take your time when measuring and marking. Precision is its own reward.

Notes: I do find that by adding a small square of interfacing to the fabric before inserting the snap helps stabilize the closure. I like to use Pellon Shape Flex, (SF101) and depending on the fabric of the bag, either layered with fusible fleece or a piece of buckram.

For a step-by-step tutorial on magnetic snap insertion and more helpful tips on sewing, be sure to check out my blog and book, Sew Bags, The Practical Guide to Making Purses, Totes, Clutches & More

Size: 14mm (0.55") in diameter, 3.5mm depth
Color: Silver
Material: Alloy (Cadmium Safe)
You'll receive three sets of 14mm (just over 1/2") magnetic snaps 

*Photo shown of finished projects are examples only, this listing is for the snap pack.