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Double Tracing Wheel with Blunt Edge

Double Tracing Wheel

This cleverly designed Double Tracing Wheel is a real time saver and kind of ingenious! This notion has two parallel blunt tracing wheels that can be set at varying distances. With a single motion, one wheel marks the seamline and the other marks the cutting line-allowing you to trace your pattern and add accurate seam allowances simultaneously.

This tracing wheel is handy for adding consistent seam allowances to self drafted patterns or when using commercial sewing patterns that do not include seam allowances (for example, vintage patterns or Burda Magazine Patterns).

When transferring markings to fabric, layer with dressmakers tracing paper. -There are seven spaces between the wheels that allow for adjustments of 5mm (1/4") from 10mm up to 30mm ( roughly 1 1/4")*. -The dual heads swivel out to trace and swivel back in to store. This tool was a real game changer for me. No more rubber banding two pencils together to mark patterns:)

This listing is for the double tracing wheel only. All other photos are for demonstration purposes.

Manufacturer: Clover SKU: 487 4031BK-B
Size : 7.5" x 2.19 x 0.38"
Handle: ABS Resin Wheel: Steel
Made in Japan

*The measured increments are in the metric system.