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Elastic by the yard, Braided Elastic, 1/4" (6.35mm)

The workhorse of garment sewing elastics, braided elastic is lightweight with excellent recovery. It is ideal for use with light to medium-weight fabrics and for casings such as waistlines, sleeve hems, and necklines- and with masks. Available in 1/4" width and sold by the yard.

Braided elastic has parallel horizontal ribs running the length of the elastic. When stretched, the elastic narrows and may roll. Braided elastic will weaken and may loose some of its stretch when sewn over. For this reason, braided elastic is best suited for use inside of a casing.

How stretchy is stretch elastic?
To determine how much elastic to use, keep in mind that braided elastic stretches more than knit or woven elastic. Please refer to the pictures in the listing for reference as you follow along. The red line drawn on the elastic is marked at 2" . The next picture shows that the elastic, when anchored from the left and pulled to the right, stretches to 4.5". From this, we see that this elastic has a high stretch factor of about 50%. Notice how it narrows. This is why it works so well in a casing, but weakens if applied directly.

What length should I cut my elastic?
Elastic needs to be snug enough to prevent the fabric from drooping, but loose enough to be comfortable. To ensure comfort, stretch the elastic a few times before cutting. ( It should return to the same length again after it's been cut). Wrap the elastic comfortably around your waist (or wrist- or wherever you plan to use it.) Add 1" to the total length of elastic so that it can be overlapped and stitch together. If you find that the elastic is too long and loose when you insert it, trim it a bit and try again before closing the casing.

Tip: If you are substituting a different width or type of elastic than specified on your pattern, take some time to adjust the pattern to accommodate this change. As a general rule, the wider the elastic, the less it will stretch.

Manufacturer: Stretchrite
Content: 73% Polyester, 28% Rubber
Width: 1/4, 6.35mm
Country of Origin: Made in India