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Pleated Face Mask Sewing Pattern and Tutorial Update



Since cloth face masks look like there are going to be the feature accessory for yet another season, I’ve updated my very popular, Pleated Face Mask Tutorial to add a PDF of the Pleated Face Mask Sewing pattern in three sizes: Adult, Older Child/Tween, and young child.

When I first wrote the tutorial last year, I had no experience in wearing a face mask. Like you, I have learned a lot in the past year and a half. Not just how to make a great looking, safe and durable mask, but also that in order to wear them, they have to be comfortable and they need to completely cover your nose and mouth.

The fitting part can be tricky though. Just as we all have fit preferences in our clothes, masks are no exception. Some people like them snug, others want them to be a bit looser. Some like elastic, others ties- or both. The shape and style of a mask is important too as some prefer the pleated mask and others the shaped mask.

All sizes of the Pleated Face Mask are constructed in the same manner and feature a side casing that can be secured with elastic or a drawstring cord. (The addition of a drawstring cord acts as a neck strap so that the wearer can easily take it on and off when walking around.)

The small size fits a child around 5-11 years old. The older child/tween size is a bit larger and fits a child 12- a small adult. The adult size is the largest and should fit most grownups.

You can download the pattern here.

Mask, Vax, wash your hands and be safe out there y’all!

XO, Hilarie