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Carole Feuerman Scupltures, Sea Idylls, NYC


"Sea Idylls": An Immersion into Hyperrealistic Sculpture and Feminine Power

Last week, as I was preparing for my trip to NYC, I had a conversation with a friend and asked her about some of her favorite must-see spots.  She mentioned that one of her friends recently sent her a link to a new outdoor installation featuring the sculptures of Carole Feuerman.  Since I used to design swimwear, she knew that this one would be interesting- and she was right!

New York City is known for its art, culture, and fashion. It’s no surprise that “Sea Idylls,” the latest art exhibition that graces Park Avenue, marries all three. The installation showcases Carole Feuerman’s stunning hyper realistic sculptures of women in swimwear. Her attention to detail is what sets her work apart, making this something worth seeing.