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Homeschool Sewing Program

Comprehensive Sewing Instruction

Our sewing and fashion program provides comprehensive instruction in the art of sewing. From beginners to more advanced students, our experienced instructor tailors her teaching approach to suit individual skill levels. Students will learn essential sewing techniques such as threading a sewing machine, measuring and cutting fabric, and stitching various types of seams. Through hands-on projects, they will create garments, accessories, and home decor items, fostering a sense of accomplishment and skill mastery.

Fashion Design Principles

In addition to sewing, our program introduces homeschool students to the principles of fashion design. They will learn about color theory, fabric selection, garment construction, and pattern making. Students are guided in sketching their fashion ideas, creating mood boards, and bringing their designs to life. By understanding the elements of design and the creative process, students will develop their own unique style and gain a deeper appreciation for the world of fashion.

Creative Exploration and Expression

We believe in fostering creativity and encouraging self-expression in homeschool students. Our sewing and fashion program provides ample opportunities for students to explore their ideas, experiment with different fabrics and textures, and think outside the box. Through projects and creative challenges, they will develop problem-solving skills, enhance their critical thinking abilities, and gain confidence in their creative decision-making. Our program is designed to empower students to express themselves and embrace their individuality through the art of sewing and fashion.

Flexible and Homeschool-Friendly Scheduling

We understand the unique scheduling needs of homeschooling families. That's why our sewing and fashion program offers flexible scheduling options that fit seamlessly into your homeschool routine. Whether you prefer weekly classes, intensive workshops, or customized sessions, we work with you to create a schedule that suits your needs. Our program is designed to complement your homeschool curriculum, providing a well-rounded education that integrates creativity, practical skills, and artistic expression.


Enhance your homeschool curriculum with our engaging sewing and fashion program for homeschool students. Our comprehensive instruction, focus on fashion design principles, and emphasis on creative exploration provide a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures your students' creativity, hones their sewing skills, and inspires their love for fashion. Enroll your homeschool student today and unlock their potential to become skilled sewists, confident designers, and creative thinkers. Contact us now to enroll and embark on this exciting sewing and fashion journey for your homeschooling family.


Little Stitch Studio is a fashion program that teaches kids and teens sewing and fashion design throughout the school year and summer. Through hands-on learning, children are introduced to the world of fashion.

Classes combine the practical skill of sewing with pattern making, draping, textile science, illustration and fashion history to enable young designers to discover the joy and excitement of creating something with their own two hands.

  • 1.5 hour classes
  • Price $250 for each 6-week course
  • Classes limited to 5 students each
  • Ages 10 and up
  • All Supplies Included*

Each student works on their project at their own pace. With a student/teacher ratio is 5:1, there is lots of guidance. The studio has six sewing stations for a class of five students.

Projects progress in difficulty to build your child's sewing skills and change each season so that students can continue to sew and learn. I focus on trendy pieces that can be worn such as handbags, tops, skirts, pants and dresses.

Classes meet once per week for 6 weeks. Late Spring class options:
  • Wednesdays: 4/26- 5/31

Missing classes? One make-up class per student can be accommodated during each session.  

If you think your child might be interested in sewing, please reach out!




Jun 29
Fashion Sewing Camp, June 26-30 9AM-12:30PM
Jun 30
Fashion Sewing Camp, June 26-30 9AM-12:30PM
Jul 5
Fashion Doll Sewing Camp, July 5-7, 9AM-12 Noon